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Economics API

Accounts own certain balance; and each transaction and each receipt have certain amount of balance and prepaid gas attached to them. During the contract execution, the contract has access to the following u128 values:

  • account_balance -- the balance attached to the given account. This includes the attached_deposit that was attached to the transaction;
  • attached_deposit -- the balance that was attached to the call that will be immediately deposited before the contract execution starts;
  • prepaid_gas -- the tokens attached to the call that can be used to pay for the gas;
  • used_gas -- the gas that was already burnt during the contract execution and attached to promises (cannot exceed prepaid_gas);

If contract execution fails prepaid_gas - used_gas is refunded back to signer_account_id and attached_deposit is refunded back to predecessor_account_id.

The following spec is the same for all functions:

account_balance(balance_ptr: u64)
attached_deposit(balance_ptr: u64)

-- writes the value into the u128 variable pointed by balance_ptr.

  • If balance_ptr + 16 points outside the memory of the guest with MemoryAccessViolation;
  • If called in a view function panics with ProhibitedInView.
Current bugs
  • Use a different name;

prepaid_gas() -> u64
used_gas() -> u64
  • If called in a view function panics with ProhibitedInView.