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Data Types

type CryptoHash = [u8; 32]

A sha256 or keccak256 hash.

AccountId = String

Account identifier. Provides access to user's state.

type MerkleHash = CryptoHash

Hash used by a struct implementing the Merkle tree.

type ValidatorId = usize

Validator identifier in current group.

type ValidatorMask = [bool]

Mask which validators participated in multi sign.

type StorageUsage = u64

StorageUsage is used to count the amount of storage used by a contract.

type StorageUsageChange = i64

StorageUsageChange is used to count the storage usage within a single contract call.

type Nonce = u64

Nonce for transactions.

type BlockIndex = u64

Index of the block.

type ShardId = u64

Shard index, from 0 to NUM_SHARDS - 1.

type Balance = u128

Balance is type for storing amounts of tokens.

Gas = u64

Gas is a type for storing amount of gas.